Finding the Best Key Box

best lock box

Gone are the days of hiding keys at unsecure locations such as under a doormat, a big rock, or a flowerpot. These are the common places where thieves know to look to get access to your home. It's important both to keep your keys safe and ensure that you don't get locked out or leave trusted realtors stranded outside.

A key storage box offers the safest key storage solution for your home, business, or rental properties. It grants access to others when you’re not available.

A key box can allow real estate professionals, family members, contractors, customers, or house maintenance and cleaning crews to access your keys. The populatiry of apps like Airbnb only highlights the need for simple, safe key access.

A key lock box is a perfect choice for when your key has to be left in a safe secure place for an Airbnb guest to retrieve.

Many lock boxes with portable and mount-styles allow you to use them on any door or permanent fixture. They also allow you to securely leave the key by your door.

Read on to learn more about the best options available when it comes to key boxes. This guide will consider the pros and cons of the most popular models available online.

Master Lock Lock Box 5400D

Pros Durable construction. Large capacity. Lifetime warranty.
Cons Doesn't fit on level handles.
What We Think 9 / 10

Set your password; the 4-digit combination can be easily reset to a combination of your choice for better security. With the large-capacity storage compartment, you can securely store up to 5 standard-size keys for a variety of uses.

This Master Lock key box perfectly fits most tulip, biscuit, and ball doorknobs and different handle styles.

This Master Lock portable lock box features an over-the-knob design. Designed both for indoor and outdoor use, the lock is constructed from a durable 83mm wide metal body. Thanks to the dial weather cover and vinyl coated shackle, this Master Lock box will be safe from grime, dirt, rain, scratches, rust, and other outdoor elements.

Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor Lockbox

Pros 5 key capacity. Durable metal construction. Weather-resistant.
Cons Not a heavy-duty key lock box.
What We Think 9 / 10

This 2.3 x 0.65 x 5.5'' black lock box by Kingsley combines contemporary style with functionality. Unlike a conventional lock box, it has a very large capacity storage that can store up to 10 keys including conventional car keys. Easy installation and access with a hanging shackle and side loading design are other perks.

The great thing about the Kingsley lock box is that it securely fits over doorknobs, gates, railing, fences, or nearly anywhere else you could want.

This conveniently-sized gear features vinyl coating and metal construction for great durability to combat all weather conditions. This is a great security lock box, as you can create or reset up to 10,000 combinations to avoid theft.

TOWOKE Key Safe Box

Pros Robust and durable. Easy to configure. High security.
Cons Rather small for keys attached to a keychain.
What We Think 9 / 10

The TOWOKE key-box has a large interior space, which makes it a great choice as a key locker.

The smooth 4-digit smooth combination code is resettable for keyless convenience and is easy to reset each time. This lock features a resistant body constructed from a reinforced and heavy-duty zinc alloy that withstands prying, sawing, and hammering attacks.

Plus, the locking mechanism with heavy-duty stainless steel not only adds to high security but offers sturdy design, too.

Best of all, it’s weatherproof, thanks to the mini shutter door with a slide cover design that offers protection against sunlight, rain, snow, and dust. It's built to last for years!

AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet with Digital Lock

Pros 40 key capacity. Key tags included. Digital electronic lock.
Cons Some buyers find instillation difficult.
What We Think 8 / 10

The AdirOffice 40 Keys cabinet lock box is best for people like car salesmen, hotel owners, or other professionals who want a secure place to store a large number of keys and keep them organized. This heavy-duty key box is an ideal key holder lock, as it can hold 40 keys and even comes with 40 key tags for added organization.

This is a durable and reliable key box. It’s built with solid steel that’s internally and externally powder-coated for a scratch-free finish even after long-term use. Moreover, a metal door and continuous hinge add to the durability of this lock box.

When it comes to security, the box has a programmable electronic lock to set a 3-8 digit pin code. The secret code can be changed an infinite number of times, and there are 2 additional override keys included. Equipped with LED lights and a buzzer, it offers feedback about power status and operation.

Populife Keybox

Pros Bluetooth unlocking. LED keypad for night. IP65 waterproof.
Cons Doesn't open from far away.
What We Think 8 / 10

This Populife product is a smart key box with BLT technology that offers reduced power consumption. With 4 AAA alkaline batteries, it can perform up to 10,000 lock open and close applications.

With the Populife mobile app, you can control this key box with your voice via Bluetooth. This key lock safe storage box is perfect for Airbnb houses because it's super safe and durable.

The interior is spacious enough to fit 6 psychical keys and 47 key cards. For added security, it automatically re-locks if remains unopened for 60 seconds after unlocking.

Plus, it gives sound alerts if not closed properly. An invalid pin code entered 5 times leads to secure lockout mode, which causes the box to stop working for five minutes.

Thanks to its improved resistance to outer elements, this Populife key box is resistant to blazing sun, dust, rain, snow, and it's IP65 waterproof, too. It comes with two shackle sizes to fit most doorknobs.

First Alert 3060Ft Key Cabinet

Pros Durable construction. All mounting hardware included. 28 key hooks with labels.
Cons No electronic lock.
What We Think 9 / 10

The First Alert steel wall mounted key box can be a good choice for hotels, car rentals, offices, and more to store and keep keys organized in one secure place.

Its spacious cabinet features 28 key hooks with 28 key tags for identification. This secure cabinet is made from heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance.

Designed with convenience and safety in mind, this secure box comes with mounting hardware for secure installation to a wall and includes two entry keys to open it from the outside.

ShurLok SL-200W Lock Box

Pros Metal construction. Steel shackle. 10 000 lock combinations.
Cons No wall mount feature.
What We Think 9 / 10

This ShurLok SL-200W is one of the high-class and secure lock boxes offered at a very reasonable price. It has a dual combination—one opens the shackle while the other opens the lock box door. Durable construction includes a solid all-metal body and a tough steel shackle.

You can securely store your home keys with up to 10 000 different combinations. You can change the 4-digit pin code easily when required.

Furthermore, the zero-locking feature is great for sight-impaired people, or those who have to open the lock in the dark. The rubber backside and plastic cap protect the doorknob surface the lock rests upon.

Kidde AccessPoint 001015 KeySafe

Pros 5 key storage. All mounting hardware included. 1000 personalized combinations.
Cons Unclear instructions.
What We Think 9 / 10

This Kidde AccessPoint lock box features a permanent wall-mount installation to safely store up to 5 keys. It's great as either an indoor or an outdoor lockbox, and it comes with all the mounting hardware for easy and convenient setup on any wall or flat surface.

Famous for its unmatched security and quality, this strong lock box is made out of solid alloy with a titanium gray finish, which makes it hammer-proof.

Unlike other lock boxes with rotary dial code entry, this box features 10 convenient push buttons for ease of use. You can set and change the combination anytime you want with more than 1000 personalized codes available.

KeyGuard SL-500 Lockbox

Pros Plastic durable casing. Metal frame. Phone style keypad.
Cons Not weather-proof.
What We Think 7.5 / 10

The KeyGuard SL-500 lock box offers a great interior storage space to secure your valuables like car keys, home keys, fobs, cards, and other small items. What's great about it is the hardened ABS plastic protective casing around the metal infrastructure and shackle. This also prevents any scratches or damage to your door.

Pulling the ABS flap down opens the hidden phone-style keypad. This means you don’t have to deal with spinning dials or straining to see the digits in low light.

This large push-button keypad is not only easy to view. It's also convenient to use for all ages. Moreover, you can use numeric and alphabetical combinations that are easier to memorize.

Brinks 675-80001 Lock Box

Pros 10 key storage capacity. Resettable 4-digit combinations. Sturdy steel body.
Cons Wall mount cover sold separately.
What We Think 10 / 10

This Brinks key lock box is a convenient, large storage right where you need it. It's constructed from weather-resistant materials and features a covered steel shackle on a padded rear cover.

It won't scratch the finish of your door or your door handle. Thanks to its generous size, the Brinks lock box can hold multiple keys, papers, or other small items you need to leave for trusted friends or clients. It features an easy-to-use resettable dial combination that can be reset after use.

Igloohome Smart Key Storage Lockbox

Pros Sleek design. Heavy-duty construction. Bluetooth enabled.
Cons Not waterproof.
What We Think 8.5 / 10

The Igloohome lock box is another top-quality smart box that helps to keep your valuable keys safe. Family members, trusted caregivers, cleaners, contractors, and more can be given access by simply setting the right combination code.

This box was built specifically with realtors and property managers in mind, and it can store key cards, fobs, access cards, and standard keys.

Best of all, it works offline without Wi-Fi, making it ideal for places with no internet connection like basements or rentals. It pairs with Bluetooth on your phone, and this allows you to generate time-sensitive access pin codes remotely via the Igloohome app for guests and visitors.

Beyond that, it comes with versatile installation options with dual shackle sizes for you to choose from. Plus, you can also mount it on the wall. Built for durability, it has many integrated security features.

SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box

Pros Durable ABS storage compartment. Both key and combination code access. Water and rust resistant.
Cons Isn't big enough for some larger phones.
What We Think 8 / 10

Looking for a large-capacity yet lightweight lock box for versatile applications? The SAFEGO portable lock box can be an excellent choice. It's perfect for hotels, homes, beaches, cruises, dorms, offices, outdoor parks, camps, gyms, pools, and much more.

With 88 cubic inches of interior space, you can lock away your phone, keys, cards, glasses, cash, camera, jewelry, or anything you want. It weighs barely more than a pound, so it's lightweight to carry yet so durable enough for daily use.

It features a high-impact, durable white ABS shell and a 17'' steel adjustable cable to attach around any object to deter thieves.

It opens via a key as well as a 3-digit combination code that is resettable. The exterior shell is sealed shut, which protects your valuables from outer elements. The SAFEGO lock box is sand, salt, rain, and rust-resistant.

ORIA Key Storage Lock Box

Pros Heavy-duty steel construction. 5 key capacity. Easy operation.
Cons Wall-mount design only.
What We Think 9 / 10

This ORIA lock box is a simple and compact secure solution to store up to 5 keys for your home, padlock, car, and more at once. This allows trusted visitors, kids, friends, or guests to retrieve keys when you aren't around.

Once you store keys in this lock box, they are secured by a 4-digit resettable combination. Harder to crack than a 3-digit code, it offers more than 10,000 combinations.

Made of a heavy-duty steel body and a zinc alloy lock, the ORIA locks features an anti-rust and waterproof design. Plus, the reinforced metal design helps to withstand sawing and hammering.

It can be mounted both indoors and outdoors with all the hardware included for safe installation. The shutter shield on the dial offers protection against snow and rain, making this a reliable key lock box for everyday use!

Puroma Key Lock Box

Pros Durable steel construction. Highly secure 4 digit combination. Weather-proof.
Cons Wall mount box sold separately.
What We Think 9 / 10

The Puroma key lock box has a large capacity interior to store up to 5 keys. Perfect for children, cleaners, workmen, tenants, and Airbnb guests, this lock has wide usage. You can either hang it on a doorknob or wall-mount it for convenient use.

Built with durability and security in mind, this Puroma lock has a solid steel metal body with a high-strength alloy lock and vinyl covered shackle.

This strong reinforced lock body helps resist prying, crushing, or hammering. Thanks to the detachable shackle design, it's easy to hang on doorknobs, railings, handles, pipes, and fences.

For high security, it uses a 4-digit numeric code that provides up to 10 000 combinations for optimal protection. It's protected from dust, rain, sunlight, and snow by the rubber shutter cover.

Key Lock Box LB-003

Pros Suitable for all weather. Metal construction. Easy installation.
Cons No wall mount design.
What We Think 8.5 / 10

This LB-003 key lock box is another great choice to securely store spare keys. It has a relatively large storage capacity, able to safely hold 5 keys at once.

The front opening lock system protects the keys stored in the compartment while the 4-digit pin combination offers maximum safety and security.

You can easily reset the code anytime and as many times as you want by unlocking the key box first. Installation is easy; it fits almost all ball doorknobs. Durable hard metal construction protects this lock box and keys inside from weather outside.