Best Smart Thermostat 2020: Reviews and Comparison

Winter is here and it is time for residents across the country to turn up the heating in their homes.

When considering keeping your property nice and warm, one question stands out. Is it possible to save on heating costs?

Consumption costs shoot up during the winter period, particularly in colder states. This can really cut into the profits of rental owners. Could a thermostat ease up the monthly costs over this period?

The answer is yes. And luckily for you, thermostats come in all shape and sizes.

When it comes to smart thermostats, numerous types are available on the market. While it’s great to have options, it’s possible to become frozen by the sheer abundance of choices, leaving you to wonder which is the best thermostat to buy.

To help you make this important decision for your property, we have prepared this detailed smart thermostat comparison for your perusal. You'll be able to find a heating thermostat with the best set of features for your property.

Finding the Best Wifi Thermostat

ecobee SmartThermostat Voice Control

Pros Easy to set it up in your home. With Alexa built in, you can control your thermostat using several methods: voice, mobile app, computer, or smart watch. Simple integration with other smart systems.
Cons The voice feature may not work as well in a large home.
What We Think 9.5 / 10

The smooth and glossy appearance of this digital thermostat is not its only attractive feature. This supported Apple thermostat comes with a powerful quad-core processor, a voice sensor, and a Smart Sensor included.

What this means is that the thermostat can continuously adjust the temperature in a room, making small variations as the occupants of the room increase or decrease.

With Alexa built in to the thermostat, ecobee Smart Thermostat gives you ultimate control over your house. When coupled with the Amazon Smart Plug, you can be able to control other outlets in your home.

Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

Pros Cheaper than other digital thermostats with similar features. Earn rewards through your Honeywell Home Account.
Cons Only comes with a one year warranty.
What We Think 9 / 10

Honeywell Home offers a range of convenient features with the T9 Smart Thermostat.

Purchase of the T9 thermostat comes with one sensor, which has a strong signal. If you stand at 200 feet away, the sensor will still be able to pick out the occupants of the room and adjust the temperature accordingly. However, for whole house coverage, you will have to purchase other sensors.

Its geofencing feature allows the T9 thermostat to know your location at all times. You don’t have to worry about a change in schedule. You will always come home to a warm house.

Honeywell TH3110D1008 Pro Non-Programmable Thermostat

Pros Has a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Relatively affordable. Easy to use.
Cons Not programmable.
What We Think 9 / 10

Set with a backlit display and utilitarian buttons, the Honeywell is one of the cheaper options in this guide. Users can easily read the digital numerals and set temperatures at their preferred temperature.

The budget-priced thermostat lights up when the temperature threshold has been attained or when there is an emergency that needs to be sorted out.

This thermostat is recommended for those who prefer a traditional thermostat with an orthodox design.

Kono KN-S-MG1 Thermostat

Pros Programmable; set the Kono Thermostat to your schedule. A low priced smart thermostat.
Cons Not available for Android and iOS products. Not compatible with Alexa or Apple Home Kit.
What We Think 7 / 10

For those who are set in their ways, this Kono Thermostat is just right. It's only available in a cool and black finish, but the Kono programmable thermostat allows you to make a range of adjustments.

If it happens that you change your schedule, you have the option to override the programmed temperatures. There is also a Kono Lux app available, so that you can make modifications on the go. While this thermostat doesn't have as many features as others, it's easy to use, which is a big plus.

Google Nest Wifi Thermostat E

Pros Easy installation. Compatible with most HVAC systems.
Cons Not available in a wide range of colors. You will require a Nest Account and the Nest app on your smart phone or tablet. Relatively expensive.
What We Think 8.5 / 10

You'll notice whenever you read a Google Nest Thermostat E review that they never fail to mention both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of these devices.

That's why for a classy and elegant look to your property, one of the best options available is the Google Nest E smart thermostat. The touch bar is well hidden along the right edge, giving you a chance to open the menu with a simple tap.

Because it's a Google product, the Nest thermostat support is also among the best. How does Nest thermostat work? The support team will be more than able to fill you in on all the details.

As both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth thermostat, you'll be able to remotely control your connection remotely via any device with an internet connection.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat - 3rd Generation

Pros Its Home/ Away assist automatically regulates temperatures once you leave. Easy installation. Built-in battery doesn’t need replacement
Cons An expensive acquisition for your property.
What We Think 9 / 10

Because of its slightly higher price you may be wondering: is Nest worth it?

The selling point of the Nest Learning Thermostat is its ability to learn your habits and adjust itself accordingly. It’s a good choice when it comes to controlling the temperature of a home due to its smart capability.

The Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation also works well with a number of heating units. If you have a forced-air furnace, a radiant heater, or a dual-fuel system, a new Nest Thermostat is still an option for you.

Another perk of opting for a Nest is that the Google Home customer service is among the most responsive. If you run into any troubles, the Nest support chat is helpful.

Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Programmable Thermostat

Pros Even with a power outage, the thermostat will still retain its programming. A bright backlight makes it easy to read the display. Affordable.
Cons Isn't compatible with smart home devices.
What We Think 9 / 10

If you belong to the older generation and prefer a more conventional thermostat, the Orbit 83521’s features may be right up your alley.

The Programmable Thermostat has a large, backlit display that makes it easy to read in varying light conditions.

Its basic setup doesn’t mean that it slacks when it comes to precise temperature control, either. The Orbit 83521 allows for full seven-day programmability, doing away with the need for manual adjustments.

Bosch BCC100 Smart Phone Wi-Fi Thermostat

Pros Has a large screen for easy navigation. Compatible with Alexa. Alerts you when a temperature threshold is reached.
Cons Lacks integration capability with other smart home systems.
What We Think 8 / 10

The full color touch screen of the Bosch BCC 100 is one of its most impressive features.

With regards to operation, you'll have the ability to program it using the display or via the mobile app available for both Android and iOS phones.

It is a solid buy and works well to get most HVAC systems onto their most efficient heating schedule, whether you're using oil, traditional gas, or electricity.

Honeywell Home RCHT8610WF2006/W

Pros Voice Control is possible through Alexa or Siri. Allows for geofencing technology. Can track your phone’s location and adjust the temperature as need be. Energy Star Certified.
Cons Requires a C-wire for operation.
What We Think 8 / 10

For those who want all the features of the pricier options in this guide but a cheaper price, the Honeywell Home T5 may just be the thermostat for you.

It has smart features coupled with voice control support. In case of any issues with your thermostat, the T5 sends alerts to your home with the necessary actions.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Pros Has voice control compatibility. You can make use Alexa or Siri from across the room. Easy installation of the thermostat. Compatibility with other smart home systems.
Cons Requires a C-wire for use with heat-only and cool-only systems
What We Think 8.5 / 10

The Emerson Sensi ST55 has a number of appealing features that have increased its sales across numerous homes and rentals across the country.

First of all is its efficiency, shown by its Energy Star certification. To add, the Emerson Sensi ST55 is very affordable, and is compatible with several home systems.

ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat - 2nd Gen

Pros Has an elegant overall look. Supports connection with other smart home devices. Energy Star approved.
Cons Might be hard to read the numerals for some users.
What We Think 9 / 10

This 7-day flexible programmable thermostat comes highly recommended, and it's a thermostat with humidity control, too.

The 3.5 inch display gives the thermostat a polished look, especially when set up against a bright colored wall. The touch screen is highly responsive, and the user interface is easy to use.

At its price, the ecobee 3 Lite comes with an impressive range of features, including Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with Samsung SmartThings, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Wink, and IFTTT.

Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat

Pros Wi-Fi connectivity gives you remote control. Supports connection with other smart home devices.
Cons Only available in one color.
What We Think 8.5 / 10

The Honeywell Home offering is a great choice as a smart home thermostat because of its compatibility with several smart home systems, letting you use your phone as a handy thermostat controller.

The Honeywell Thermostat also has daily weather forecasts that come in handy when planning for the day or the week ahead. In addition, the touch screen is color customizable, allowing you to match it with the décor.

Lux Thermostat Program 5 - 2 Day with Selectable Smart Recovery

Pros Easy installation and an easy to read display. Has a keyboard lockout features that denies access to unauthorized users. Relatively affordable.
Cons Lacks quite a number of features, especially when considering the level of technology in today’s homes and rentals.
What We Think 8 / 10

If a low thermostat price is your highest priority, then the Lux 5 - 2-day Programmable Thermostat should be your top pick. The display lights up and shows the numerals in easily readable font.

An advantage of the Lux thermostat is its ease of use. The interface is very user friendly, making it the choice of home and rental owners everywhere.

However, the thermostat does limit the number of programs that you can input. You can only have one program for the weekdays and another for the weekends, which some may find limiting.

Google Home Thermostat - T3007ES Nest

Pros Available in several colors. Has a sharp display at 229 ppi. Setting it up with your Wi-Fi network and with the Nest app is quite easy.
Cons Will set you back quite a few dollars.
What We Think 9 / 10

Now on their 3rd Generation thermostat, Google Nest must be doing something right, as the Nest constantly appeared on "Best Smart Thermostat 2019" lists as well.

Nearly every Google Nest thermostat review mentions the aesthetically pleasing design and ease of use.

The Google Nest 3rd Generation gives users the chance to match the thermostat with the home décor. It is available in white, copper, stainless steel, and black. It’s not only appealing to eye, but also very practical.

It has a very simple design that allows easy control of the temperature on a set schedule.

You may be wondering: does Nest thermostat work with Alexa? The answer is yes; you can set up Alexa to work with a range of Google's smart home products.

Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard Heaters

Pros Eye-Catching with a stylish design. The Mysa Mobile app is easy to use. Compatible with a number of smart home systems.
Cons Slightly expensive than other substitutes offering the same utility function. You might need to buy one Mysa smart thermostat for every room.
What We Think 9 / 10

For buildings that have localized high voltage heaters (such as radiant ceiling types and baseboard heaters), the Mysa Smart Thermostat is an excellent option.

It has a clean and striking white design with a dotted texture. Describing it as aesthetically pleasing is quite the understatement. You can access its menu by way of touch sensitive buttons on its surface.

It allows for remote control through the use of the Mysa app, once you connect it to your Wi-Fi network. It also connects to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and is compatible with IFTTT and Apple Home Kit.